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    Weekend Activists

    by Jessica Donatelli When we think of the word “activism,” we are often flooded with images of brave, iconic individuals throughout history.  People that stood up for the greater good despite rampant opposition from those around them.  People like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malala Yousafzai.  Sometimes, however, activism occurs amidst the familiar faces we see around us. They are our friends, neighbors, or relatives displaying brief moments of bravery in order to spread awareness and truth where it is lacking.   Right now, there is a movement happening. Across the globe, women facing mastectomy are taking a stand against society’s antiquated ideals regarding the need for reconstruction…

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    In Motion – AFC Trucking through America

    by Elizabeth Hotaling Brita Nowak put the semi into first gear and then slowly let out the clutch. The rig moved forward. She had never felt anything like it. “It’s better than sex,” she laughed and she knew she wanted to do this forever and ever and ever.  After 10 years in Hollywood, her gig working on the set of Star Trek Voyager was over when the series came to an end. Brita, a German native, found herself at a crossroads. She was only 34, but in Hollywood in 2001, job prospects in the movie industry at that age, were slim. Instead, she decided to try something she had always…

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    My Wife is Flat and Beautiful!

    by Paul Jepson Walking out the elevator of a Chicago hotel with my flat partner, Katie, I was caught up in one of those sudden rushes of emotion as she was met by a tidal wave of greetings from women who had only one thing in common: their flatness following mastectomy. It brought home the deep and significant emotional bond that unites ladies who all share a sense of connectedness through their surgeries, despite wildly differing journeys. As a bloke, I have marveled at how important, even essential, this community is for Katie. The abundant joy that erupts from the group when they meet, the exchange of stories, and whatever…

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    Courage Cast in Stone

    by Susan Pritchard It is uncertain whether art truly has the capacity to heal, but standing tall, unashamedly displayed in the open, are three statues of women with one breast and one scar. Altered art and monuments, they reflect the treatment and survivorship of millions of women across the globe. It’s impossible to look away from these statues representing real women. They are in the park, in front of parliament, and on exhibit. They boldly state that breast cancer is universal and that beauty can still be found after losing breasts. During a public performance in New York, artist Prune Nourry chiseled away at one breast of The Amazon, a…