Embracing our bodies and transforming perceptions of aesthetic flat closure (AFC)… one breast cancer walk at a time.

  • Over 100 Stand Tall AFC teams worldwide
  • Over 1,500 participants
  • Over 100,000 impacted through visibility and education

Survivorship Looks Like This For Millions of Women!

  • Over 200,000 U.S. women have mastectomies each year, about half of those women have aesthetic flat closure (AFC) and the other half have implant or tissue reconstruction.
  • From the 1970s-2020, “no reconstruction” was used as a surgical term; this poorly defined term often left women with uncomfortable, unwanted, and unsightly excess tissue.
  • AFC is often not presented to patients by surgeons due to subjectivity and bias despite the overwhelming health benefits of AFC.

AFC advantages:

  • lowest rates of complications
  • fastest recovery
  • no longterm health risks or lifetime maintenance of implants
  • least expensive post-mastectomy option

Stand Tall AFC offers a modern perspective on mastectomy through visibility.

Stand Tall AFC teams participate in breast cancer awareness and women’s health events to empower the millions of survivors who have one or no breasts after cancer treatment or prevention.

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Empowering women with one or no breasts after cancer treatment and prevention.