Stand Tall AFC is a campaign to de-stigmatize the loss of one or both breasts to cancer by promoting aesthetic flat closure (AFC) and body positivity at public events.

Stand Tall AFC is a call to action for women who are flat after mastectomy to participate in Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) events this October.  Breastless and one-breasted women have the power to attract attention, redefine femininity and ignite conversations about body positivity and aesthetic flat closure (AFC)! Unified flat visibility at local, regional and international Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) events is vital to promote AFC as an equal option to breast mound reconstruction.

Flat advocates Renee Ridgeley (founder Less Than Two Breasts) and Stacey Sigman (founder Flat Retreat) created the inaugural Stand Tall AFC campaign in 2021, and have partnered with Kimberly Bowles (founder Not Putting On A Shirt) for future campaigns. The Simpsons television show’s groundbreaking single-breasted character Dr. Wendy Sage became the mascot for Stand Tall AFC upon her October premier!



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