Since 2021, we have impacted hundreds of thousands of people by being visible at public breast cancer events and in the media! Over 90 teams worldwide with over 1,500 participants were Standing Tall to normalize Aesthetic Flat Closure! Join us!

This is What Survivorship Looks Like

Over 200,000 women have mastectomies every year. Approximately half of them will not replace their breasts either by choice or because of medical advisement.
Aesthetic flat closure (AFC), a smooth flat chest, gives these women dignity by removing uncomfortable and unwanted extra tissue and skin. It’s the option with the easiest recovery and lowest risk of complications.

AFC is often not presented to women due to a belief that patients must reconstruct breast shape in order to be whole and feminine. We disagree and offer an updated perspective through our visibility.

Stand Tall AFC teams participate in breast cancer awareness and women’s health events to empower the millions of survivors who have one or no breasts after cancer treatment or prevention.

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Empowering women with one or no breasts after cancer treatment and prevention.

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