X Mission & Values


Stand Tall AFC is a campaign to de-stigmatize the loss of one or both breasts to cancer by promoting aesthetic flat closure and body positivity at public events.


EMPOWERMENT. Stand Tall AFC promotes body positivity and is inclusive of women and men of all shapes, ages, sizes, races, colors, orientations, and creeds. 

VISIBILITY. Stand Tall AFC believes patient advocacy and media engagement are key to normalizing post-cancer bodies and empowering survivors.

INCLUSION. Stand Tall AFC welcomes all supporters of FLAT after mastectomy (aesthetic flat closure) who promote our campaign of flat visibility and awareness—indiscriminate of being FLAT oneself. 

DIGNITY. Stand Tall AFC promotes and supports showing the scars of mastectomy in all phases and ways that empower and uplift women into the acceptance of their bodies.

AUTHENTICITY. Stand Tall AFC believes that authentic beauty comes from within, and we celebrate all bodies as beautiful in their own way.

INFORMED CHOICE. Stand Tall AFC is supportive of all reconstructive choices, provided they are presented with true informed consent.

EDUCATION. Stand Tall AFC values providing factual and educational content regarding safety and choices within the realm of mastectomy, aesthetic flat closure and breast reconstruction.

EQUAL ACCESS. Stand Tall AFC believes that every person should have the right to access the reconstructive option of their choosing, to experience an optimal standard of care, and to receive an optimal aesthetic outcome.