Letter Writing Campaign

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250 letters by June 30, 2023!

Every woman facing mastectomy needs to know that AFC is a viable option. Let’s make sure our surgeons share that information by compelling them to provide the My Choice AFC brochures to everyone facing mastectomy!

We can reach more people and make more My Choice AFC brochures available if we all get involved. By writing just one letter, you can make a difference and help us reach our goal. Ask three Flat friends to write a letter and we will will surely
smash that goal!

Send your letter and then click the link below to pin the location on the map
of where you sent your letter.

Writing a compelling letter is essential to ensure that your point of view is clearly understood and that others can see the advantages. Here are the elements of a compelling letter

1. Remain positive, respectful, and considerate
2. Be clear and concise
2. Make it personal
3. Keep in short (3-5 paragraphs, one page)

Here are examples of compelling letters based on different circumstances. If one resonates with you, copy and paste and personalize!

Not informed about AFC

Letter to Oncologist

Complications with Implants

Direct to AFC – Positive Results