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May 13 2023


8:00 am

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Welcome to the Stand Tall AFC campaign! Whether you are a flat survivor, caregiver, family or friend, your support of aesthetic flat closure (AFC) is powerful. Join us as we keep the focus on women’s health & body positivity at breast cancer awareness events.

Meet Ellen Wolfe, your Stand Tall AFC Team Ambassador!

Ellen Wolfe, Ambassador

Ambassadors are volunteer coordinators building a team of supporters to participate together at public Breast Cancer Awareness events. Teams may include people with AFC, friends, family, and supporters of AFC.


1. Register for this Stand Tall AFC team with the link to “event registration” below. This may require you to create an account with event hosts like Komen and American Cancer Society (STAFC organizes teams but is not the event host). All event costs are the responsibility of the individuals participating.
2. Email your STAFC ambassador (email address below) once you’ve registered for her team, your unisex t-shirt size (XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL). Your Ambassador will  distribute t-shirts & campaign supplies at the event to registered team members. Contact your ambassador with any questions regarding event registration.
3. Complete the STAFC waiver prior to your participation. By completing the waiver, you acknowledge that as an Event Participant, you assume all risks of participating and/or volunteering in this Event and you give us permission to use photographs and video of the event that may include you. Click here to go to the waiver
4. Participate in the walk with your STAFC team and make this Breast Cancer Awareness event meaningful!




  • City, State: Sioux Falls, SD
  • Team Name: Stand Tall AFC Warriors
  • Stand Tall AFC Ambassador: Ellen Wolfe
  • Walk Name: 35 Avera Race Against Cancer
  • Link to event registration:
  • Notes: There is a registration cost associated with this walk that goes to the event host. Stand Tall AFC is not affiliated with this walk and receives no funds from them.